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Protein Water FAQ

What is protein water?

Protein water is similar to a protein shake but with a refreshing twist of fruity flavours and a thinner water-like consistency. 

They typically feature sources of protein like clear whey protein isolate (such as ours), collagen peptides, or plant-based protein, which is dissolved or suspended in water. 

Our range also includes a fun element of carbonation (it's giving boujee). We like to think of our LM Protein Water as Fizzy with Benefits™

Can protein water help with post-workout recovery?

Absolutely! Our ready-to-drink Protein Water is a perfect post-workout companion. Packed with 10.1g of protein, 5560mg EAAs, and 2700mg BCAAs per can, it provides essential support for muscle recovery and growth. We've specifically chosen Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) for its exceptional amino acid profile, ensuring rapid digestion and absorption, making it an excellent supplement for efficient post-exercise recovery.

How does the taste of protein water compare to regular water or other drinks?

While the name suggests 'water,' our canned protein water is more reminiscent of a soft drink. It boasts bold natural ripe fruit flavours & carbonation that set it apart from regular water and other beverages.

When should I drink protein water?

Anytime you want a light and refreshing sparkling drink to help increase your protein intake.

 It's perfect for post-workout recovery, as a refreshing alternative to traditional drinks, during social gatherings, or when you're on the move, making it versatile for any time of day.

Is protein water a meal replacement?

Our protein water is a convenient way to boost your protein intake and isn't designed to replace a meal. It's ideal for on-the-go, post-workout, or as a substitute to traditional beverages.

What flavours do you offer?

We're excited to introduce our initial flavours: peach and watermelon. We think you’ll love this range as much as we do and once we’ve got your initial feedback we will be seeking your input on additional flavours through polls and surveys on our socials. Stay tuned for updates, including the addition of a vegan range, as we're dedicated to creating remarkable products that align with your preferences and values.

What is whey protein isolate?

Whey protein isolate is a high-quality protein derived from milk. It undergoes a purification process to remove most of the fats and carbohydrates, leaving you with a pure and highly concentrated source of protein.

Can protein water help with weight management?

Protein, a key component in our beverages, is known for its role in weight management. It promotes a sense of fullness, potentially reducing overall calorie intake, and supports muscle maintenance, crucial during weight loss efforts. While our product offers a protein boost, it's important to maintain a balanced diet with a variety of whole foods for overall health. For personalised advice, consult with a healthcare professional.

What makes protein water a good choice compared to other protein sources?

Let's just start by saying including a variety of whole foods in your diet is essential and that includes various protein sources to ensure you get all the necessary amino acids your body needs.

Choosing our ready-to-drink protein water offers a unique and convenient way to incorporate protein into your daily routine. Unlike traditional protein sources like prepared meals, shakes or powders, our protein water provides a sparkling and hydrating option that's easy to consume on the go. 

In addition to its convenience, protein water is often lower in calories, fats and carbohydrates compared to other protein-rich snacks or beverages, making it an ideal choice for those mindful of their nutritional intake. 

The inclusion of high-quality protein sources, such as clear whey protein isolate, ensures that you're getting the essential amino acids your body needs for muscle recovery, immune support, and overall well-being.

Whether you're recovering from a workout, looking for a non-alcoholic bevy, or simply aiming to increase your protein intake, protein water offers a refreshing alternative that helps you work towards your health and fitness goals.

Do you offer international shipping?

At present, we are solely focused on our New Zealand customers as we are in our start-up phase. However, in the future, if we are able to secure economical international shipping then we will add this service.


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